Individualized Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (iTMS) treatment has been helping and changing the lives of thousands of people for over 10 years. Meet some of the patients whom we’ve helped at iSynchrony.

Chris W.
GWOT, OIE, OEF Veteran

I wanted to express my humble gratitude to the staff at iSynchrony. I will be the first to say that I was not the easiest patient to work with as admitting to PTSD is not a simple task for a combat hardened soldier.

I have been "treated" by the VA traumatic brain injury (TBI) clinic and other mental health professionals for PTSD over the last few years with little to no results to show from it all. I purposely put treated in quotes as shoving pills down my throat is not really treatment. I am thankful I had fellow warriors who cared enough about me to get me to "Dr. Bob" Silvetz, the Director and Scientist of the clinic. Bob takes the time to understand the person and does not have a one size fits all approach. Bob has combined TMS with light therapy to offer me true relief for the first time in years. While undergoing magnetic treatment I have found myself sleeping better and not as anxious in my daily life. Lorraine Silvetz, MSW who is all things to all of us when we walk through that door...mentor...coach...instructor...friend...and the glue that makes it all work. She has been invaluable during my process, keeping me on track and encouraging me throughout the treatments. She treated me as friend, not as a patient or a number as far too often other treatments have done to me.

TMS should be offered to all service members-pills are not the answer-they only cover up the issue- iTMS is a true solution, it is giving those who served their lives back. Thank you Bob and Lorraine, you are both true life savers.

Debbie P.

For most of my life, since 10 years old, I have battled migraines. I have been to dozens of doctors, used biofeedback, self-hypnosis, acupuncture, and various medicines to try to cope with it. The chiropractor has been my steady aid in keeping away and breaking longer headaches. I came to iSynchrony, through a friend, in the midst of a six-week-long migraine. Nothing had broken it for more than two days, including the chiropractor nor a visit with a neurologist.

During my first week, with iTMS treatment, I first noticed my sleep becoming better with fewer waking moments and shorter time periods before falling back asleep. The fourth day was the first that I didn't need to take Imitrex to make the hour drive. That weekend I had a crazy, little-sleep weekend that lead to another round of migraines and lots of medicine. Week two of iTMS, I was able to drive without medicine the second day and sleep continued to become more consistent; I was tired at a decent hour and waking up came more easily. Week three, I started without a major migraine nor needing Imitrex to drive.

To me, any day where symptoms are low enough that I'm not constantly thinking about which medicine I need to take is a win! That alone frees me to live a better life. I am very grateful to Dr. Bob, Lorraine, and their team for such a friendly, caring environment to seek care. I look forward to continued improvement and a more substantial ability to live life!

Todd G.
Senior Pastor

Over a month ago, a trusted friend of mine dragged me through the doors of iSynchrony. As a Senior Pastor, I lead a staff, an Elder board, and a growing congregation in Northern Virginia. I am expected to lead people, families and many military families facing a variety of trials. However, in charging hard for the past 15 years, I pushed myself past a manageable, emotional threshold. Through a recent traumatic event, I realized I couldn’t continue to will myself through my depression and anxiety. Reluctant to take unwanted medications, I arrived at iSynchrony as a skeptic. What I discovered through Dr. Bob Silvetz, Director and Scientist of the clinic, and through his wife, Director and Psychotherapist, Lorraine Silvetz, MSW, and the rest of their staff was amazing relief. In less than one week of magnetic treatments, my body began to return to sleeping through the night, something I haven’t done in over three years. Over this past month of magnetic therapy and counseling sessions, iSynchrony gave my body the reboot I desperately needed to return to health. Thank you, iSynchrony, for your professional team, your excellent and confidential office space, and for the new start in my next chapter of ministry.

Ken S.

I would like to thank the entire staff at iSynchrony for their expertise and selfless dedication to helping disabled veterans, like me, live a better quality life. Dr. Bob and Lorraine Silvetz, Dr. Bajwa, and Sasha Hazlett were instrumental in helping me reach a less painful and more tranquil daily state.

While serving our nation in the United States Marine Corps for over twenty years, I was called to defend the country in several combat deployments. After over a half dozen deployments, while in Iraq, I started to experience daily pain level 4-5 migraine headaches and one to two totally debilitating migraine headaches each week. In addition to the headache pain, I suffered daily auras in my vision. I received countless treatments and surgeries from the United States Military Medical System and the Veterans Administration, but received no relief.

After 12 years of dealing with daily pain and auras, I was referred to iSynchrony. Since I experienced many failed treatments, I reluctantly started treatment at iSynchrony, but the reputation of the clinic sparked my faith to believe I could decrease my migraine pain. The very first treatment at iSynchrony decreased my daily migraine pain by 20% and auras in my vision decreased by 50%. Within six weeks of treatment, my daily migraine pain decreased by 40% and auras in my vision decreased by 80%. I am not completely healed from migraine headaches. I still suffer one to two debilitating migraines per week, but the daily migraine pain and auras have decreased substantially. The holistic treatment I received from the staff at iSynchrony has greatly improved my quality of life.

Thank you so much!
Anne W.

I had just finished breast cancer treatment (surgery, 5 months chemo, and radiation). In the midst of this treatment, I was diagnosed with a second incurable cancer (but hopefully manageable), Smoldering Multiple Myeloma.

Beyond the oncologists and specialists, I was looking for any sources of help and support.  This is how I met Lorraine Silvetz, MSW for the first time at a wellness meeting where she informally presented on the opening of her and her husband, Robert Silvetz, MD's clinic, iSynchrony. I had never heard of their treatment modality individualized Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (iTMS) before, but I knew I had "chemo brain" or chemo fog. My husband was skeptical and wanted me to be cautious.

My first EEG revealed some depression (not surprising given my diagnosis?), moderate anxiety and a "split alpha" which they explained is indicative of concentration issues, trouble with memory, etc. To address this, I received 13 daily magnetic therapy treatments. The treatments are actually very relaxing as you just relax in the treatment room with your eyes closed and you can just rest, meditate or have supportive therapy with Lorraine and/or Sasha Hazlett ,who has just joined their team as an in-house therapist.

Lorraine and Bob went out of their way to explain to me how to maintain a synchronized circadian rhythm. Also Dr. Bajwa, the physician on staff, reviewed my blood work and made suggestions to improve some cancer/blood markers and to try to make blood work more optimum for my fight against Multiple Myeloma.

I really appreciated having all the different knowledge under one roof. During my treatment, I felt I was the ONLY patient there! I felt pampered and so well taken care of. Meanwhile, all the rooms were full of patients!

The 13 treatments definitely helped.  I work, read and get things done faster. My "brain fog" resolved and I am much happier. I keep up with the 30 minutes blue light in the morning, lots of exercise and a healthy diet.

Thank you Bob, Lorraine and the rest of the iSynchrony team for having such a big impact in my life.

Melanie C.
My child has benefited tremendously from individualized magnetic therapy.  He has autism, was incredibly anxious and seldom was able to sleep throughout the night.  Dr. Silvetz is probably the most patient, caring and committed MD we have ever encountered on this journey.   He reminded us that the road to recovery is slow and steady.  Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is not a magic pill.  One must be diligent in maintaining an active lifestyle, getting appropriate exposure to sunlight and keeping a healthy diet.  This can be the next breakthrough for helping children diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).   I assure you that you will notice marked improvements in your child.  My child is much more “available” to learn than he ever was, is more present and aware of his environment, and less fearful in trying new things.   Also parents benefit, from this therapy, notably improvement in sleep and the ability to handle difficult situations. Lorraine’s guidance and steadfast support is immeasurable.  Were it not for her encouragement to try this new therapy, gains in cognition and behaviors would not be realized.   Our family is indebted to her not only for introducing us to the protocol, but also for her ongoing involvement in our child’s progress. This husband and wife team will not give up!  They are concerned about the growing number of children diagnosed with ASD and are vested in doing their part to help families.  
Noelle C.

I went to iSynchrony for anxiety. After starting treatment, I quickly saw improvements. After the first treatment, I was sleeping more peacefully and felt more energized during the day. After a week or two, my anxiety was no longer crippling. I also greatly benefitted from talking through my problems with Lorraine during my treatments.

Olivia C.

I started going to iSynchrony due to crippling insomnia that I had struggled with for five years. I have been to countless doctors, tried over 30 different types of medication, and nothing has worked. Within two weeks, I noticed a change and after two months, I began to sleep 8 hours a night.  I am grateful for this experience. Dr Bob and Lorraine saved my life and gave me hope for my future.

Michelle C.

I cannot thank the staff at iSynchrony enough for all they have done to transform my entire family!

I initially brought one of my daughters to receive treatment for her insomnia. I was a bit skeptical, as we had been to at least a dozen doctors, psychiatrists, and wellness clinics over the past four years. Within a week of treatment, she was able to sleep five to six hours per night. "Dr. Bob" Silvetz, the Director and Scientist of the clinic, who was the first doctor to identify the problem (hormones) and provide a solution. After one month of treatment and talk therapy with Director and Psychotherapist, Lorraine Silvetz, MSW we were able to start taking my daughter off the various medications she was prescribed which never fully helped her sleep issues.

Shortly after my daughter started her treatment for insomnia, Lorraine suggested my other daughter and I consider treatment. After only a couple of treatments, I was sleeping better, less stressed and depressed, and generally felt like a new person! My second daughter, who had been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and mild depression, was also on the road to recovery within two weeks of treatment. Although my daughter has completed her magnetic treatments, she continues to see Lorraine regularly, as Lorraine is the best therapist my daughter has ever seen!

I believe what truly makes this practice special is the one stop shopping. Their team is top notch!! Dr. Bajwa, their resident physician was able to help my daughter titrate her medicines and treat her properly for her hormone imbalance. Given treatment is initially 5 days a week for 40 minutes per session, my daughters and I could opt in for psychotherapeutic support with Lorraine Silvetz, MSW and Sasha Hazlett, LCSW while undergoing magnetic treatment. The results have been life changing for my daughter and for our entire family.

Kellie B.
It only took a few treatments to begin sleeping more soundly and to feel better able to manage the everyday stress that had begun to make me feel overwhelmed, irritable and anxious. I feel like a weight has been lifted and I’m able to deal with everything more easily and confidently.