iSynchrony partners with these non-profit organizations to further medical research into psychiatric and neurological disorders and to bring relief to those who are suffering.

Global Stress Initiative

Global Stress Initiative is a program under the 60-year-old, nonprofit, International Committee Against Mental Illness, (ICAMI) that diagnoses, treats and prevents Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) among returning military members and their families. GSI’S mission is raising awareness, prevention, advocacy, and innovative treatment of PTS/TBI. Its goal is to treat as many military members and their families as possible and to help this population resume more healthy and productive lives. GSI considers iSynchrony’s iTMS the most effective treatment of PTS and TBI known to date with 99% efficacy rate. Currently, the numbers of veterans impacted by PTS and TBI is over 800,000.  There is much work to do to mitigate PTS and TBI.

The International Committee Against Mental Illness (ICAMI)

The International Committee Against Mental Illness (ICAMI) is the longest standing 501c3 for research and treatment of mental illness launched by the late, great, Nathan Kline, MD. ICAMI has been contributing to the eradication of mental illness for the last 60 years. Dr. Robert Cancro, Chairman Emeritus of NYU Department of Psychiatry became Dr. Kline’s heir in the 70’s. Together with Global Stress Initiative, ICAMI is committed to treating stress among returning military members, their families and civilians using non-pharmacologic techniques including iTMS.

The David Lynch Foundation

The David Lynch Foundation helps to prevent and eradicate the all-pervasive epidemic of trauma and toxic stress among at-risk populations through promoting widespread implementation of the evidence-based Transcendental Meditation (TM) program in order to improve their health, cognitive capabilities and performance in life.

Stand for the Troops

Stand for the Troops (SFFT) is an educational foundation that demands and insures that US frontline troops receive the best available leadership, training and equipment to help them complete their missions, survive the rigors of war and return home alive and well enough to reclaim their lives. They seek to protect the troops’ physical and emotional well-being by helping them survive the severities of war and return to their lives prior, by utilizing Rescue Coalition Programs.